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So I have started getting in to hiking a lot now.  I started hiking 5 to 7 miles twice a week.  Next month I plan on starting to do some overnight trips.  I have decided that I will be using a Alps Mountaineering tent for my overnight trips.  I have checked out the reviews and it appears to be a good choice. 

Now I am still looking for a good backpack to take.  I want it to be light weight but very durable.  Since I was in the military for 10 years I am sort of leaning towards my old rucksack but that would be a little heavy.  I have looked at the Bulldog Daypack and a few others from Pro Camping Supply.

So if anyone has any ideas on good equipment please let me know..

I have thought about hiking the Appalachian trail for quite some time.  I have decided that it will happen in two years after my son graduates from high school.  The only problem is that I now need to pick out some gear.  I plan on starting to look at tents over the next few days. 

I think that 1 person lightweight all weather tents would be a perfect choice. 

I am looking at the Hooligan lightweight 3 season backpacking Tent. This tent appears to be a good choice with a large floor area and rain fly.

The Alps Mountaineering hiking tent is another possibility that is lightweight and easy to set up.  It has a decent size floor area and great ventilation. 

Now the Zephyr is a very lightweight and easy to set up hiking tent. It seems to be good for most weather issues and will allow for a large floor area.

After looking at these three tents I will have to decide what I want to use.  Looks like I may be looking to purchase the Zephyr.


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